WVA Design is an award winning building design practice established in 1993 and located on the Central Coast, about an hour north of Sydney. Our projects extend from Lake Macquarie to Newcastle, the Central Coast, rural inland areas of NSW and the northern suburbs of Sydney.

How the process works

The design process begins with a free of charge informal meeting, preferably on-site. We then guide you through our step-by-step process to discover your vision, project size and scope. Not creating a whole building or extension? That's okay too, no job is too small. Let's have a chat.

We cover what it is you generally love and what you can't stand in a designed space. The size of the project  what you would like to achieve based on a rough description of the scale of your project and your budget.

We also like to understand your lifestyle, likes, dislikes and requirements for the space (that's what helps us make the space truly reflect your vision and draw on an authentic and local architectural look and feel). From there we put together a full scope and brief for your approval.

The brief is super important for you as it'll help you to get a clear picture of the venture. After this, we submit a quote and once we're all agreed, we get to work.

Project Cost Structure

We know it's your main consideration, so let's get to it. Because projects generally unfold in stages, our standard process is to follow a billing cycle accordingly. However quotes are arranged per project and so you may choose a different structure with us for your project - this can be discussed in our initial meeting.

Recent Projects

Our Simple 5-Step Project Plan

Preliminary Design

Preliminary Design: At this stage the design will be subject to discussions and changes, until we arrive at the desired design according the initial brief. We have no limit of time for this stage, as it is essential to arrive to a complete satisfaction with your design. This preliminary design process is a constant consultation and feedback with you. This stage is documented with drawings, plans, sections, 3D images and 3D walk-through models to fully visualise and understand your project.

Design Development

Design Development: if necessary at this stage we will assists in selecting the services of other professionals (surveyors, structural engineers, etc) that will assist in developing the preliminary design sketches into plans, elevations, sections, 3D drawings that will be used for costing and future approval submission.

Council Submissions

Council Submissions: This stage is to get approval form the local council - development application, construction certificate, etc.- submitting not only drawings but several additional documentation that varies according the complexity of the project.

Construction Documentation

Construction Documentation: The aim of this stage is to produce construction documents for tendering to builders and for construction. The extent of this documentation could vary, upon your request, from minimum detailed drawings and documents, to fully detailed drawings of bathrooms, kitchen, joinery design, building details, etc.

Contracting a Builder

Contracting a Builder: If you don't have a designated builder, we can help you in the process of choosing a builder and then oversee the process of construction for you.