Houses at Somersby, NSW

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Houses at Somersby
The owners wanted...

A practical redesign of their home in Somersby, complimenting the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape. They also needed an adjoining property to match that could fulfil their active lifestyle.

How WVA made that happen...

The first step for us is always asking the right questions so that we understand the bigger picture. If you ask better questions, you reach a better design that everyone can agree to up front so there's no surprises. We took time to create a solution that fit perfectly for them as a couple and the local landscape.

WVA Design responded with enthusiasm and insight to the challenge of redesigning of our existing home. The ability to listen to our ideas before suggesting options was invaluable and particularly important because this project had to blend into the existing landscape.

We had no hesitation using WVA Design again in the subsequent design of an adjoining house too. We experienced the same high level of professionalism, flexibility and talent.

In both cases we were delighted with the outcome and do not hesitate in recommending WVA.

R.D Home Owner, Somersby